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Make Wedding Day Special With TimeStamp Camera App

Very different from Hindu weddings, Christian weddings are concise but pleasant. The flawless white outfit, the dazzling Flower Bouquet, lovable little Flower Girls… and perhaps the adorable best man, as well! You can’t deny that there is a unique charm to everything.

first, They have pre Wedding Celebrations like engagement, Brides Shower, Bachelorette Party. With Time Stamp Camera, You can add various stamps as per your requirement to add value to your Clicked images.

On the day of Wedding, They follow Rituals starting from Seating of the Parents, Bridal Processional, Bride’s entry with Flower Girl, The Call to Worship, The Opening Prayer, Wedding Vows, Exchanging of the Rings, The- I do,  Lighting of the Unity Candle, Bouquet Toss, Recessional.

Event Progression

If you are attending any such Marriage in upcoming days, then try to build memories with the timeStamp camera App, where you can add not only date & Time but Location, Signature, Logo also let people know your work without Checking Bio of an Image.

Wedding Planners use different Tools to manage their Database, But we common people have our own Planner in the name of TimeStamp Camera App. where you just need to preset your required Stamp details and then Click and enjoy Stamped Images until you change your Inputs. You get Your Images with a stamp, which will speak and elaborate more details without any extra media usage on the screen. 

It’s so interesting to attend such Wedding events where you can show your skills and help relatives and your dear once to live the Moments again and again whenever they see your clicked images engraved with stamps explaining about Datetime, person, event, And your custom inputs.

The bride and Groom get busy with a lot many events one after the other on their special day. if you count on Guests, Bridesmaids and Groomsmen seem overly excited.

Capture the Moments and give it a name.

Happily Married

If you talk about Theme and Decoration, It soothes the event, these things are must needed for Ceremony to turn out to be a beautiful one. From dazzling Flower Bouquets, Wedding Cake, Wedding Dress, Wedding Rings, Wedding Venue Decor adds Wedding vibes and enhances the beauty of the whole Procession. You can make the Collage of Pictures having Stamps explaining your words and feelings. 

Cherish Moments

To know more about  Time Stamp Camera Application, download the Application now.

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Timestamp camera Is an Application to add auto stamps - DateTime Stamp, Signature Stamp, Logo Stamp, GPS stamp to Photos.

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