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You Go Girl! (TimeStamp Camera)

If you want to do something, you can, you must. It’s your decision, your Will, Your life, your power. Life is anyway unpredictable. because Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all. 

Nowadays, Girls traveling Solo, meeting new people, witnessing new Culture, confronting different Communities, and willing to create Difference in The World by promoting these things that World is All safe for women. Of course, a long way to go, but somebody needs to start believing and living like that first to be a role model and to inspire other girls.

Traveling is always fun, and when you are planning something which is unconvincing still rip-roaring, then it will set you apart from the rest. Today girls are on the way to create new riding boats for themselves. who says! Girls are not equal, they have raised their hands and voices so far, now it’s the time for society to accept them with all equal treatments to men and Women.

Here I am introducing One Application, Timestamp Camera to all the Girls out there planning to take an exhilarated Ride on their own. With your every captured image, you will get stamp features to make it more revealing.
Here are the things that a girl needs to consider while planning a trip to an unknown place on her own…

  • Where to Go
  • Keep an Open Mind
  • Be Adventurous But Prepared
  • Write in a Journal!
  • Talk!
  • Don’t Overshare
  • Go Shopping
  • Smile
  • Dance
  • Have Confidence
  • Tap Into Other Women
  • Research Hostels
  • explore the culture

Nowadays girls too have answers to make all the bars Raised. If you Question her, she will give you befitting Answers… If you are a girl and want to answer those questions of Society then here you go…

  • I’m not lost. I know where I’m going.
  • Indeed, Solo, I’m. It doesn’t mean I’m destroyed.
  • You believe I’m gutsy? Much obliged – feel better.
  • No, I’m not venturing out solo to nurture a messed up heart. (In any case, that is a smart thought).
  • No, I’m unquestionably not fleeing from anything.
  • No, I’m not rich, I know how to spare.
  • Indeed, I’m a young lady and I travel solo.

You know you can have these Sentences imprinted on your image itself with the help of the Signature Stamp feature of TimeStamp Camera.

Check out the Image:


And if You talk about the places, then there are some Popular Destinations, where women choose to visit and explore solo. Here is the list having location Stamp engraved! Just think if you don’t have the location written on Image, then how difficult it will become to find out the place if you get the image from somewhere all alone!

Find out this Beautiful Compilation of women solo Travellers with DateTime, Location and Signature Stamp inscribed.


To all Girls out there, No matter from where you belong to, Go and Explore the World. Honor your Life and not only Moments. Because to count the Moments, Timestamp Camera Application is there to enhance your experience.

Check Timestamp camera here also:

Published by Timestamp camera

Timestamp camera Is an Application to add auto stamps - DateTime Stamp, Signature Stamp, Logo Stamp, GPS stamp to Photos.

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