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Indian Festivals are Fun! know further with Timestamp Camera

India is a nation of dynamic culture, and each Indian celebrates numerous festivals wholeheartedly throughout the year. Every celebration is one of a kind in its manner. Come and visit India during any festival and you will come to experience something very colorful and astonishing.

Every month, something or other celebrations take place in India. If you talk about January – then  Kite festival is there, In march Holi celebration takes place, Let’s take a look at some Festivals with their Expected Months.

  • January – Kite Festival
  • March – Holi, Mahashivratri
  • August – Janmashtami, Rakshabandhan
  • September – Ganesh Chaturthi
  • October – Navaratri
  • November – Diwali

Above mentioned are some of the major festivals celebrated by Indians Worldwide.

Nowadays, with the help of recent Applications, You can make your Pictures stamped with relevant details like DateTime, Signature, Logo, GPS.  Check the image below, how beautifully Stamps have made images special and informative in place of a plain image or use of a caption text.

Every Festival is different and beautiful in its own way. Even every state celebrates it in a diverse way. If you talk about Makar Sankranti, it is being called as Magh, Bihu, Uttarayan, Maghi, Maghe, Sankranti, Shakrain in different states and celebrated differently as well.

same in the case of Holi, People from all over India celebrate it in their own different way. So India proves it’s Unity in Diversity in all occasions possible.

There are rituals to be followed, symbols are there being represented for cultural value enhancement. Idols are being worshipped. People huge in numbers gather at the same place and attain some spiritual or cultural procession. As during Navaratri, In Gujarat, People gather to play Raas-Garba, Dandiya, and in Bengal people gather for Durga Puja. In case, you get the chance to visit any of them, you may capture pictures with the help of Timestamp Camera, so that with your every click you can have DateTime, Logo, Signature, GPS stamps yelling out about your activity.

King of the festival or you can say an important festival in the country is Diwali, where people celebrate the festival of lights in good faith. There are many rituals and events that take place for almost 7 to 10 days in a whole India, Bigg buzz created with the help of crackers, Diyas, Lanterns, and Sweets😉.

Keep a note of the date of the celebration, the place of celebration, put your identity in the picture. Isn’t it an amazing idea to get your pictures information ready!!

So Keep Exploring more!

Share your Festival explore!

Happy Festivity!

Happy Stamping with Timestamp camera!


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Timestamp camera Is an Application to add auto stamps - DateTime Stamp, Signature Stamp, Logo Stamp, GPS stamp to Photos.

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