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Take a Tour of Incredible India with Timestamp Camera!

When you think about India, Your thoughts definitely will reach to its diversity, its culture, its heritage, and its different people speaking distinct languages. India is very rich in terms of its heritage and cultural influence on the world.

India is divine in terms of monuments, in terms of religious practices, in terms of faith and rituals.. every place is associated with some or the other big reasons to be made out as a place to be remembered forever. If you talk about Tajmahal, the big history is there behind the place to be made of. today lacs of tourists visit the place on a daily basis to witness the monument of love.

If you talk about religious places, then Temples, Mosques, Tombs, Stupas have ancient histories associated with them. When we visit there today, we still feel spiritual high powers over those places as lots of spiritually powerful souls had performed sadhanas over there for a lifetime.

In old times people were not having applications and smartphones as, like today, they were used to write details of dateTime on walls, on scriptures down their art or written work. while today you have all the facilities from click pictures, to mention DateTime, location, signature, Logo for making your pictures distinct and informative.

Not only manmade places adding the essence of human touch to this country, but also India is blessed with natural resources. From Kashmir valley to Kerala beaches, From Darjeeling’s tea gardens to the desert of Rajasthan, India is occupied with a good amount of natural beauty.

Traveling India is fun, Sometimes the way is more beautiful than the actual Destination. Keep Timestamp camera App with you to have a record of places being visited at different times.

Valleys, Forests, Deserts, Beaches, Lakes, Rivers, Islands, Hills, Arches, Waterfalls, Mountain passes so on and so forth. India is blessed with all kinds of natural elements to make an Environment elegant.

Indian Natives also won’t disappoint you, with their full of creativity, full of passion, full of Life attitudes, Indians live their lives totally with zeal, untouched with artificiality.

you can easily connect to them and can even enjoy their friendly gestures while it comes to help.

So plan Trips in India anywhere and explore the vast Indian culture..

You can even plan trips with Timestamp camera, where you can capture Moments along with stamps of Date & Time, of GPS location, so you can enjoy real-time benefits and features of Timestamp camera Application.

Go and download Timestamp camera: Auto Datetime Stamper Now before you plan any trip next!

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Timestamp camera Is an Application to add auto stamps - DateTime Stamp, Signature Stamp, Logo Stamp, GPS stamp to Photos.

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