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Copyright your mobile photography with timestamp camera

The first and foremost purpose of watermarks is to protect your copyrights and prevent image theft. Mark your trademark on photo with logo and signature stamp 

  1. If you want to stamp your photographs just launch the Google Play Store from your mobile and search an app called “Timestamp camera: Auto Datetime Stamper”. After that, tap on the app and install.
  1. Once the App has been installed, you can launch it as you do.
  2. This app is designed in multiple language support to gain a global presence so choose your language and allow the required permission.
  1. This is how app dashboards of the app look alike for photography and videography.
  1. First of all adjust the Camera settings according to Your requirements.
  1. Once done with camera settings, Create your signature in signature settings.
  • Here you can add your Signature with the proper format of stamp size, stamp style, stamp color and background color along with stamp position,too.

  • For a complete copyright; add your trademark logo to your photograph to secure your picture from theft.
  1. Upload your custom logo to your photo stamping
  2. Set logo transparency
  3. Change logo size
  4. Place logo Vertically and Horizontally.

7.  After setup; you have to just click your picture or document and the app will process your signature and logo on your picture automatically.

8. Check this out how your copyright watermark is embedded on the picture beautifully.

Secure your pictures by using this app. To get an app simply press given below button

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Published by Timestamp camera

Timestamp camera Is an Application to add auto stamps - DateTime Stamp, Signature Stamp, Logo Stamp, GPS stamp to Photos.

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